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By Elizabeth Berent

Through the Breath of Love process, I was able to easily connect. Not only connect but I was able to hear God’s guidance, what he was telling me! This instantly put me at ease and gave me trust in his plan. Breath of Love is a powerful and much-needed way for me to stay connected with God. It is simply a beautiful practice that I have learned to stay infinitely connected. Thank you Liz!” - M.B., Teacher

"I consider myself blessed to have met Elizabeth (Liz), and fortunate to have her open my eyes to the power of yoga and breath-work. Due to health issues, pain and the stresses of life, I felt my days slipping away from me. After working with Liz, I now have improved sleep, migraine relief, and daily energy that I didn’t have before. Breath of Love sessions with Liz provided me with a healing that I didn’t know I had the capacity and power to make a reality." - Jenny E., Pharmacist

Breath of Love
An Easy yet Profound Process to Fully Let Go!
"Breath of Love was far better than any kind of therapy I could have engaged in. Thank you, Liz. Loving life." - Vicki P.

What Is Breath of Love?

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Breath of Love is a breath work modality similar to "rebirthing" or "spiritual breathing" yet unique in its approach. Breath of Love is unique in that it focuses on the ease of letting go so one can embody and apply their experience to everyday life. It is a process of ease to release control and whatever no longer serves your highest and best good. 

Elizabeth Berent, studied under internationally renowned teacher and healer Julia Mikk, the founder of Breath of Love, will guide and support you through the process. 

Many experience a profound liberation from body pain, emotional turmoil, and old beliefs, to open to an empowered place of deep contentment, peace, and connection.

This process allows you to let go of overwhelm that stands in the way to a harmonious and balanced way of living. You will be able to step into a nourished and deeply satisfying life while being in service to others in the greatest way possible.
Find the courage and clarity to let go of those jobs, projects or relationships that are not nourishing your soul. Cultivate the freedom to follow your heart's desire. 

Learn to align the mind and heart, moving towards your authentic path with confidence and ease.

Access that inner serenity and rejuvenation that you have been longing for in both the physical and spiritual body. Experience your profound power of the breath.

Stress does not need to control you. You have a choice. Learn to cultivate a deep inner peace that can be sustained even in the most difficult of circumstances.

One must feel deserving and worthy to manifest, experience and receive joy and love. From there you can easily access a place of deep inner peace that can be sustained even in the most challenging relationships.

Become in touch with your intuition, divine guidance, and trust in it. Know what next steps you need to take in your life and follow them with ease and confidence.

Experience profound freedom from self-imposed expectations, heaviness and connect to your authentic self and purpose, manifesting ease and flow in your life. Take this experience and LIVE IT effortlessly each and every day!  

* Every experience is unique - no specific outcome is guaranteed - you will receive exactly what you need in your process. Many insights manifest as you integrate the experience and can be days later.

Be able to realize a new level of freedom in your life, and move towards your dreams with much more ease.


- When it comes to your everyday life, do you feel something is missing?  

- Do you feel STUCK in old patterns, want to make a change but don't know how?

- If you DO KNOW, do you feel overwhelmed or resistant to taking these steps?

- Are you seeking a deeper connection with yourself, others and spirit?

- Is there pain or hurt in the physical or emotional body you want to release?

- Do you want to heal from overwhelming sadness, loss or grief?

- Do you desire clarity about important decisions or your life purpose?

How to Register for a Breath of Love Experience

The Breath of Love experience is being offered throughout the year in group setting workshops and individual session. See below for options. 

Workshop Experience 
The following dates indicate currently scheduled workshops. Space is extremely limited. Investment is $85 per person for a 3-hour workshop, which includes a full Breath of Love experience. Secure your commitment and space by submitting payment either online or in person (check or cash) by the indicated deadline. Workshops stand alone but for deeper healing and a more profound experience suggested to attend multiple events. 


Individual Experience 
Private sessions are offered and scheduled upon availability. Includes a one on one Breath of Love Session of 90 to 120 minutes. Investment is $300 per session. 

Break Through Package
Six sessions six weeks in a row will allow you to stay in this consciousness, creating a powerful vortex of energy to quickly let go of overwhelm that stands in the way to a harmonious and balanced way of living. With Liz's help and support, you will be able to realize a new level of freedom in your life and move towards your dreams with much more ease. Further learn how to implement this process in your life, acquiring empowering tools to support and continue this deep work independently. Once a week for 6 weeks, 90 to 120 min session either in person or over the phone. Investment is $1,500 if paid in full or, $755 per month for 2 months. Email or call Liz to apply for this 6-week package. 

Six Month and Twelve Month Coaching Package
Announce twice annual, clients are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Package includes two private sessions every month and one or two  in-person VIP days. 
Must contact Liz to apply  by clicking her or email to [email protected]