The Yoga Room of Hampshire​​

By Elizabeth Berent


2019 Online Course

Let go of overwhelm, find inner peace and
tap into your Soul’s Guidance.
There is a reason you get excited about certain things!
Following your Soul and Joys is when effortless abundance and
living your bigger purpose will flourish the most.

How to get there?

Launch your new, peaceful, vibrant, empowered, and pampered self in 2019!

6 month course: January 16 - June 19, 2019

Join us from anywhere in the world!

This New Year can easily be a New Beginning for you! Let it be easy  with continued support in the comfort of your own home!

You are welcome to join us until February 27th.

Are you a caregiver, nurse, healer, teacher, business owner, parent or the like who is serving others at the expense of your
own needs and wellbeing?

Do you tend to neglect you, putting your needs and self-care on the back burner (sleep, health, relaxation, down time)?

Do you have no idea what a "self care" plan looks like and need help developing one?

Have you gotten so far away from your "joys" that you don't even know what they are anymore?

With all the endless tasks and responsibilities on your plate, do you often feel overwhelmed and frustrated, or feel STUCK in an old routine that does not feel good to you any longer?

Have you HAD a breakthrough yet need on going support to maintain this sense of ease and bliss? On going support is SO important.

If yes, start the New Year out right with this course!

For the last 20 years, I have travelled the world, helping thousands of people managing major life transitions and living their life’s purpose, resulting in a deep fulfillment in their work, relationships and self.

Now it is my joy to introduce a rare opportunity to work with me from anywhere in the world, over the phone for 6 months in a row!

That's where the most powerful shift  happens - it's when you have on-going support, every month, with me holding your hand through your trials and tribulations, helping you open into your full capacity for clarity, peace and abundance in your life.

Step out of that heavy feeling that it’s all on your shoulders in 2019

Let's create a New Year with a New Reality, with lots of support and ease
in your daily flow.

Heal the old self-sabotaging patterns in 2019
Don't let them keep you away from living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Let go of exhaustion and overwhelm in 2019
Find the courage and clarity to let go of what is not nourishing your soul any longer. What is your actual heart’s desire? We will cultivate the freedom to follow it.
Connect with your clear inner knowing in 2019
There is nothing more satisfying than the ease and confidence that comes from knowing how to tap into your clear inner guidance. Knowing what are the right words to speak and which ones are the right actions to take.
Get incredibly comfortable in your own skin in 2019
Shed that ever-nagging discomfort in your body. Feel so good about yourself that your radiant confidence becomes a great inspiration to others. Especially if you are a parent, coach, teacher or in a leadership position, you definitely want to cultivate that!

Learn to have inner peace even in the midst of chaos in 2019
So, when your beloved, family member or colleague is in stress, it does not have to pull you down. There is nothing more important than learning to cultivate deep inner peace that can be sustained even in difficult circumstances.

Have more time to yourself to focus on what you really love in 2019
Create a life where you have much more time to do things you REALLY love to do. Even if it's just more rest and long hot baths. Or long walks in nature and more time with your family. Whatever it is, create a lifestyle where YOU can choose to do what YOU love to do.

Rejoice in living your Soul Purpose in 2019
And let yourself be supported with new resources, opportunities and possibilities while bringing your deepest gift forward.

Open to effortless abundance in 2019
You are not a work horse, designed to pay bills and worry about problems at work. You are created for joy, creativity, pleasure, and bringing your Soul's Gift to the world. 

Learn to be successful, productive and make money by pushing less and relaxing more.  

Stop sacrificing your needs for others! Your body, health and well-being are critical for your success.  

Actually, you most likely will be able to be much more productive when you first learn to let your body relax into profound depths of rejuvenation and inner guidance. It is one of the powerful practices you'll learn at the workshop!

Then, your focus is clear, creativity flows in an unencumbered way, and you know exactly what decisions to make to create abundance with less struggle and more ease.

                                                 Setting New Year’s Resolutions in a Group is more powerful and produces the    

                                                 outcomes you want much more quickly and easily than doing it alone! 

On-going group intentions is one of the most powerful processes you will ever experience.


Because, in addition to being guided by a masterful facilitator, you will receive potent support and reflection from other participants.

They will become your mirrors, revealing things about yourself that you haven’t been able to see before. They will offer encouragement, kindness and insight that will make you feel held and supported on a whole new level.

What an amazing way to begin the New Year!

Some of my clients, who have worked in groups, have said they have never felt so deeply supported in their whole lives. How amazing would it feel to be completely yourself and accepted just the way you are? Amazingly wonderful!

And I know this is how you want to start the New Year, with an empowered and beautiful experience of yourself.

Course structure
6 months, 6 modules
Each module builds upon the previous one, leading you to living abundance and have clarity of your soul purpose and live this beginning in 2019.
Liz will be guiding you through deeply healing and powerfully revealing processes and giving specific guidance to move through your blocks and challenges, opening up new doorways (that you might have not even know existed).

You’ll be amazed at Liz’s intuitive knowing and expertise!
All sessions are recorded so even if you have to skip a call you can easily listen to it the following day, staying energetically connected to the group and you practice.

Receive two monthly videos of Liz in-between our meetings, to keep you motivated, focused, and inspired. These will include self-care tips, including mini-yoga sessions to encourage your home practice.
These you can download and keep forever!

The course consists of 6 modules
Two group sessions per module (90 minutes each) 

Wednesdays - 7pm to 8:30pm CST

1st module: Physical health
Increase your energy and find greater vitality so the exhaustion doesn't get in the way to you living your deeper calling.
2nd module: Inner Peace
Discover how to ongoingly let go of anxiety and cultivate inner peace, even in the midst of chaos. 
3rd module: Know your Value
Find freedom from self-doubt and step into an effortless confidence. Let it become your continuous living and breathing reality.
4th module: Identify your Passions, Needs and Wants
Get clarity around your deepest desires and what these are.
Deepen your capacity to hear and follow your inner knowing of what you want.
5th module: Living your Passions with Ease
Discover your deepest calling and start following it powerfully, without hesitation.
6th module: Receiving Abundance with Ease!
Let go of struggle. Let abundance, support and resources come to you effortlessly.

Your investment in your New Year’s Resolution to live a life of soul purpose, fulfillment and meaning:
$119/per month
You will receive:

1) Two group sessions per month with Liz Berent via Video Conference (Zoom!). Total of 12 sessions. She will be guiding you through deeply healing and powerfully revealing processes and giving specific guidance to move through your blocks and challenges (90min each). Click here for session dates and times.

2) Two customized “Courage to Shine” videos every month. Total of 12 videos - 10 to 20 minutes each.  Receive additional support in between our live group sessions. In receiving continued support in-between group calls, you maintain your self care and stay focused and solid in your New Year’s resolutions, dreams and goals. This mini maintenance will exponentially increase your abundance and ease in manifesting what you want. Videos will even include mini yoga routines for you to do at home!
Bonus #1:
Surprise, world renowned, guest speakers to join us on various calls! These are powerful leaders in coaching, communications, health and the breath, that I have met over 20 years in the field. To get exposure to just one of these individuals costs thousands of dollars! Here you get them in a powerful bundle of amazingness.

Bonus #2:
Three powerful Free meditations from founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk.

Bonus #3:
Keep all the Soul Purpose Course recordings, meditation videos, AND yoga videos for the rest of your life! May this ongoing support, offer guidance for living your soul purpose with ease and abundance for many years to come!

#1 Online Course Option
$119 per month for 6 months = $714 total

#2 Advanced Package Option:
Includes the Soul Purpose Course 


+ 3 private long-distance sessions with Liz (audio or video, 90 min. each) (value $900)
Soul Purpose Course (value $800)
12 Courage to Shine Videos from Liz Berent ($340)
5 Audio Books/Teachings from Dan Brule's  (value $300)
3 Meditations from Julia Miik (value $150)
VALUE $2,490

DISCOUNTED PACKAGE INVESTMENT available until January 2, 2019 for $1,499

Only $249 per month for 6 months
 May opt for in person sessions for an additional $100 per session. 

Let Liz take you by the hand and help you experience a powerful breakthrough that is uniquely tailored to your needs. This is an invaluable complement to the group sessions and will assist you in letting go of the specific challenges that you’re facing in your life right now. Liz can read your energy long distance and will take you through powerful healing sessions, giving clear guidance for your life.

#3 Ultimate Package Option Only 4 MORE Spots Available!

Advanced package (value $2,490)


+ 1 in-person VIP days - a one on one luxury weekend experience - 8 hrs/day (value $3,500)

Total value of the Ultimate package: $5,990

Ultimate package discount, available until December 6, 2019 for $4,250

Only $709/per month for 6 months 
* Includes luxury meeting location in Illinois or Wisconsin (Resort/Spa identified by Liz depending on your location) 
* A healthy, delicious lunch to help you get back on track of health and optimal well-being.
* One  relaxing massage at the spa, to help you find pleasure, bliss, comfort in your skin like never before so you can create a new reality from this new space within.
* One private customized yoga sessions, to allow you to deeply release tension and stress while being fully supported.
* One private Breath of Love sessions, to fully release and enjoy your pampering on the deepest level - opening you up to even more luxury, rest and peace.
* A one on one Passions Test assessment and coaching session to fully live out your passions in a conscious, meaningful, and easy way. Living your dreams can be as easy as you like! 
* One night accomodation at resort for you to make sure you get the most comfortable, high quality experience possible (additional night stays available for an additional investment).

This is the time when you deserve to simply rest, receive and be pampered.

You have done enough for others. Your whole life has been about helping others, serving others, working for others.

This is the moment in time for you are ready for a shift and step into a whole new possibility for your life.

And, it starts with this weekend where your whole being, nervous system, subconscious and body learn to receive.

So, this can be the new direction forward in your life and the most powerful way to start a New Year.

This is a shift onto a new direction that will stay with you your entire life.
It will inform everything you do going forward.
The new time of pampering, luxury, ease and rest is upon you. Not just this weekend, but your whole new life.

Rewire your belief systems, your patterns your perspectives to create a new reality in the New Year!

Make 2019 the best ever!



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