The Yoga Room of Hampshire​​

By Elizabeth Berent


  1. I consider myself blessed to have met Elizabeth (Liz), and fortunate to have her open my eyes to the power of yoga and breathwork. Due to health issues, pain and the stresses of life, I felt my days slipping away from me. After working with Liz, I now have improved sleep, migraine relief, and daily energy that I didn’t have before. These sessions with Liz provided me with a healing that I didn’t know I had the capacity and power to make a reality. I now embrace my personal journey that Liz gave me a roadmap to follow.
    Jenny E., Pharmacist
  2. I've had persistent lower back pain that used to cause me to call off work and go to a walk-in clinic to get emergency muscle relaxers and painkillers. The cure they gave me was to just wait until the pain subsided. After just one session with Liz, I felt immediate relief from the pain! She also taught me the tools to remain pain-free, which I have ever since. I'm grateful and her ongoing support has been invaluable in my life!
    J.R., IT Specialist
  3. After several visits to different specialist searching for an answer related to my physical health, sadness, and depression, I decided to try a Breath Healing session. On my second session, I felt like a big weight left my body, leaving me with happiness and that tranquility that I was searching for. My body and mind have peace. This is an amazing sensation! Thank you, Liz, for guiding me through this.
    S.A., Teacher
  4. I had several sessions of Breath of Love with Liz and those sessions have changed my life for the better. Breath of Love was far better than any kind of therapy I could have engaged in. The sessions took me deep into my own intuition and quickly revealed the answers to my concerns. I realized the answers were there all along and in the past, I would get in my head and rationalize away the obvious answers to my situations. Liz gently guided me through the sessions and my self-discovery and it worked a miracle in my life. I have now left a painfully abusive relationship of 43 years and I am happy. If this isn't testimony to how powerful Breath of Love is then I don't know what is. Thank you, Liz. Loving life,
    Vicki, Retiree